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It’s sunday 27 December 2020 that my first Live was held on Gab Aqua's YouTube channel. The opportunity for me to come back to this experience and share its replay here. In French only.

A first on the Gab Aqua Channel

One evening in December, Gab very kindly contacted me to invite me to speak on a Live dedicated to discus.

Gab is a young YouTuber in his twenties. He is very dynamic and positions his YouTube channel Gab Aqua around subjects he wants original.

One of these videos published a short time ago featured the French import company "Planète Discus".

A well-conducted report dedicated to an original subject: Reception and acclimatization of discus with a professional.

It was with pleasure that I agreed to discuss with him. A "first" for me…

Gab Aqua and Fanatik Discus Live on YouTube
Gab on the right and myself on the left

The helmet screwed on the head, let's go…

Good organization is essential on the Gab Aqua channel! Also live on Discord where he is part of a community of rather active young aquarists…

It is he who will introduce me to this community grouped under the name "Aquarophile FR".

They are almost half my age… I think I got old!

But I adapt and let myself be guided! Let's go for this exchange live and simultaneously broadcast on YouTube.

By reviewing some sequences; it is now official that I talk too much!

Replay: Two hours of Live dedicated to Discus

You were about fifty people to follow "non stop" his exchanges live.

Various subjects were discussed during these two hours:

The maintenance of discus, certain aspects of genetics, some principles of immunity, but also food, answer to some questions; to finish its my personal / professional journey (A 1h30) and some anecdotes around the discus competitions.

Despite all… Impossible to delve into all subjects in two hours… So if you want to see or read a particular development, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page! (Onglet « Leave a reply »)

In short… I will not tell you anything else… Sit on the sofa and watch this replay.

Two hours of Live dedicated to Discus

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