Interview with Zora Discus Indonesia (English)


Hendra Gandhi from Zora Discus leads an amazing community of discus lovers in Indonesia. After many discussions dedicated to our favorite aquarium fish , Hendra Gandhi offered me an interview for his Youtube channel …

Who is Hendra from Zora Discus?

Hendra is above all a great discus enthusiast who quickly learned . He lives with his family not far from Jakarta in Indonesia .

It seems to me that we started to exchange through Daniel Indarta; a discus breeder who travels regularly to Europe to participate in discus competitions… Or to judge during competitions of Betta Splendens.

Hendra Gandhi at the Zora Discus farm
Hendra Gandhi Zora Discus Indonesia

Hendra Gandhi created his breeding: The Zora Discus Fish Farm. At the same time, he has developed a large community of discus fans across Indonesia..

Hendra is indeed very active. He shares a lot of information dedicated to breeding, "tips and tricks", exchanges with some prominent people from Indonesia. More recently, he participated in television shows dedicated to animals.

Zora Discus, it's sharing… And I really appreciate it.

And with my; thanks again Hendra for subtitled some of your youtube videos that interested me!

In a few numbers, Zora Discus is a community of over 14000 subscribers on Instagram, next to 11000 on YouTube and 5000 on his Facebook group the « Zora Discus Learning Center »…

Enough to occupy his days!

I can only invite you to follow his work. At the same time you will discover a culture different from ours. And it's always good for an open mind!

Interview on his Youtube channel

After having exchanged a short time ago "live" with Gabriel on the Gabe Aquaterra Youtube channel …(In French only) I had to start this time in English…

May the English speakers forgive me, I did my best and hope you will understand our conversation.

The interview will be divided into 4 parts that I will share here according to Zora Discus YouTube channel publications.

Thanks to my friends from Indonesia for their kind messages ! And for those who wish, do not hesitate to ask your questions at the bottom of this article in the "comment" tab.

First episode…

Second episode…

Third episode

Discus fish classification

If you want more information on this subject, do not hesitate to browse the “IDENTIFICATION” section of Fanatik-Discus

Fourth episode

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