Fanatik Discus partners

They have contributed and regularly contribute to the development of the website Fanatik-Discus


Lilian Moissonnier (France)

I met for the first time Lilian on the benches of the school… Our aquaculture studies have abled us to meet us and were the beginning of a great friendship.

Aquarium lover, and reptiles lover of all kinds. Moreover bilingual french/English, this passionate is a true open book!

I stopped counting hours discussing of our dear fishes

Active member of the Cercle Aquariophile et Terrariophile Flandres Artois (Béthunes CATFA), You can find him at the detour of a conference or simply in your home, reading one of his many articles appeared in the french magazine «» L’aquarium à la maison"

Thank you for your support my friend and your prowess in the language of Shakespeare.

Lilian Moissonnier sur Fanatik-Discus Lilian Moissonnier sur Fanatik-Discus


Raymond Lee (Singapore)

Here pictured with his son Xian Fu, Raymond I like to call the «» The reporter of Fanatik-Discus ' is a remarkable breeder.

He is well none for his superb discus spotted that he introduced for some time now the golden gene. Aquariums that he take care with his son Xian Fu invaded his home!

You can find some pictures of his work on the website, and I invite you to admire here its spotted discus.

Judge during several Asian competition and talented photographer, the world of discus deserves to know Raymond Lee!

Thank you my friend for the great shots that you share on Fanatik-Discus.

Raymond Lee and Fu Xian on Fanatik-Discus



Victor Lim (Singapore)

How could I qualify my friend Victor… I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to you!

I met the first time Victor Lim during a competition in Germany. And it is in Duisburg, in the world Championship of discus that our friendship started.

With an extreme kindness this breeder of discus sums up only the word «» Sharing" …

Member of the famous Discus Club Singapore Victor regularly participates in contest next to Singapore with splendid discus spotted!

His pictures regularly adorn the website and I thank him for that!

Victor Lim sur Fanatik-Discus Victor Lim sur Fanatik-Discus



Cüneyt Birol (Turkey)

You discovered my friend Cüneyt during a trip at the heart of Asia. True enthusiast, It is without no doubt one of the gentleman in the world of discus.

International judge, you will find Cüneyt Birol in numerous competitions around the world.

He regularly participate to embellish the website with his beautiful photos!

Thank you Mr Birol!

Cuneyt Birol sur-Rooter Discus Cuneyt Birol sur-Rooter Discus




Jeffrey Tan (Malaysia)

Former president of the Discus Society of Malaysia, Jeffrey is part of the most renowned personalities in Asia.

He exports the discus bred in Malaysia to the four corners of the world. The many trophies won with his friend Tony Tan have made their reputation.

Present in most competitions, Jeffrey also regularly participates on the website thanks to many pictures!

Thank you for your help Jeffrey!

Jeffrey Tan on Fanatik-Discus


Once again, Thanks to all!