Biofloc: Experimentation and explanation of the video system


Biofloc culture is an aquaculture technology explored in Poisy agricultural high school in Haute-Savoie. At the time of the extension of the effect of probiotics on many living things, there is a farming system that deserves our attention…

You said "biofloc"???

Everyone knows, a number of environmental challenges ahead. Some researchers are exploring possible applications for closed containment aquaculture.

My longtime friend Joris Brichet we present the "biofloc" in this little video report. Indeed, the agricultural school of Poisy and I had the pleasure to spend part of my training studying this special rearing method…

Joris Brichet devant une culture expérimentale de biofloc

Joris Brichet to a culture of Bio floc

The "flock" is a cluster of bacteria ensuring nitrification, organic matter, algae etc.… forming particles of varying sizes but visible to the naked eye. You can observe naturally in water sources.

The biofloc used in aquaculture is formed of clusters of bacteria, remains of uneaten food, secretions produced by aquatic animals etc.… All flocculates to form coarse particles that can be consumed by living beings.

Contrôle du bio floc en milieu aquacole

In control, we clearly see the sedimentation of the agglomerate on the bottle right

Tests have been made with shrimp, tilapia, carp and show that these animals live with biofloc… consumes… while benefiting from its action on water purification.

With in the case of shrimp virtually no need for water changes…

And as biofloc is a quality food, the aquaculture uses less food to fatten her animals.


Other applications?

The technique is to my still quite experimental knowledge and may be able to open the way for other applications.

For all aquatic animals can not live in the middle of this "soup" well mixed!

Biofloc experimental

A lively mousse…

For example, my friend Joris.B biofloc uses this as a first feeding on fry species of small size. This until a sufficient size to give their larger prey such as brine shrimp.

One thing is certain, this technique is relatively unusual. She deserved that I present as a small video report.

I leave here the context "discus" but you will agree that it merited the detours! And who knows… Maybe one day it will serve us feeding our fish!

In addition, it's always a pleasure to return to my training site and share with quality teachers! Thank you to them and my friend Joris promotion…

I say "see you soon"! 😉

Yann Hoiret Aquaculture

Without delay… small video report!

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