Dennerle aquarium plants: Visit of the greenhouses!


At the beginning of the summer 2015, I had the pleasure to visit the facilities dedicated to the culture of Dennerle aquarium plants.

The German company located in Vinningen, not far from the border with France operates its greenhouses production for nearly 50 years old…

Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita Dennerle

Over the years, Ludwig Dennerle (Company founder) developed with his teams the numerous varieties of Dennerle aquarium plants as the Dennerle equipments.

So, He was one of the first to adopt a comprehensive approach of the aquarium ecosystem.


Dennerle aquarium plants: Two production sites


Dennerle production plant in Sri Lanka

Echinodorus produced on the site of Sri Lanka


The German company cultivates its plants on two sites:

The first based in Sri Lanka, which has the particularity to have wonderful weather. The second production site Dennerle aquarium plants is based in Vinningen.

It is this site that I propose to you to discover in this video report located at the end of this article.

The company don't stop to evolve, today guided by teams composed of enthusiasts. The offices of Dennerle abounds with aquariums and plants where everyone lets go his imagination quest for perfection.

The employees themselves are testing again and again new products and concepts.

Every free space of the various offices who where opened to me has become a mini laboratory for all kinds of tests !


Dennerle Aquarium plants in offices

One of the oldest employee of the company in middle of plants…


La Voiture aquascaping Dennerle

The car Aquascaping… THE "touch Dennerle"


The Planta Hunters from Dennerle as spearhead

Stefan Hummel and Chris Lukhaup are always looking for new plants!

Their travels around the world evolve the society.

How to remain insensitive to these pictures?

The results of their in-situ observations could be found in the greenhouses of Vinningen!


Brazil underwater Chris Lukhaup

Chris Lukhaup picture in Brazil …


Sulawesi underwater Chris Lukhaup

Chris Lukhaup picture in Sulawesi


The video report in greenhouses

My coming here was therefore the opportunity to offer you a small video report dedicated to the discovery of greenhouses full of Dennerle aquarium plants.

I hope you enjoy these minutes…

Good viewing 😉


For my part, See you soon for new adventures!

Yann Hoiret

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  1. Hello, you can visit the greenhouses Dennerle ? Thank you
    Kind regards

  2. Yann Hoiret on

    Good evening,
    The greenhouses are open to the public… The purpose of this little story was you discover a facet of Dennerle; Share with you what I discovered there.

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