discus stendker pigeon blood red…


Discus stendker pigeon blood red

The Stendker family breed discus for many years. Their farm is probably the most important in Europe.

The legendary robustness of Stendker Discus helped many aquarists to embark on "adventure discus".. Indeed, to this day widely distributed on European markets, the Stendker family can boast to have democratized the maintenance of the King fish…

Diskus Direkt in Germany distribute fishes from this breeder. I invite you to discover here their video that presents the installation of an aquarium of 1200 litres dedicated to Discus pigeon blood red Stendker

The "Zur Düne NaturStrandKüche" restaurant in Grömitz in Germany has indeed installed 25 stendker discus pigeon blood red with the help of Diskus Direkt.

The whole gives a remarkable effect…

There is no doubt that the restaurant guests will enjoy the show!


Discus stendker pigeon blood red

Discus pigeon blood red World Champion in 2004 (Duisburg Discus Show)

The 1200 liters aquarium orned with discus stendker pigeon blood red

On the other hand, I recommend no placing the tetraodons and other Botias as seen on this discus aquarium video. I think that these have been placed in the aquarium before the discus in order to get rid of the snails…

I often find that an aquarium populated with a single variety of discus has a particularly attractive rendering… Here the group of 25 stendker discus pigeon blood red swimming in front of the aquarium is the most beautiful effect.

In plants side, This is not the profusion, but some echinodorus, cryptocoryne and Microsorum well highlight the fish while leaving a beautiful swimming space to them. In addition, I think that regular cleaning can be easily achieved.

One thing that must be taken into account so that the maintenance of the aquarium does not become a chore…


A video made by Axel from Diskus-Direkt

Yann Hoiret


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Discus Breeder and Discus columnist, Yann Hoiret share on the website Fanatik-Discus his experience and passion for the King of aquariums. From 2014 He worked as a writer for the french magazine "AquaMag", the German magazines "Discus Live" and "Discus yearbook". He participated as an international judge in France Discus show 2014 and 2016 in Arvert, au Greek Discus Show 2014 in Athens, Discus Show in Paris Grigny 2015, 2017 and 2019, au FIDO concurso 2016, 2017 and 2018 Spain, au Nordic Discus Show 2018 Sweden, au France Discus Show 2018 Cognac, Discusvrienden the discus competition 2018, 2019, 2022 in the Netherlands.


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