BREAKING NEWS: Discus Champion Grand seen in Piacenza


The 19 and 20 October 2019 took place the second edition of the competition organized by Heiko Bleher in the Italian city of Piacenza. And in each event, a Grand Champion discus was designated…

Miniatyrbild Grand Champion Piacenza 2019

A competition held within the event "Pet Festival", as the name suggests brought together exhibitors from throughout the animal universe.

And it is among the sixty presented aquariums that the jury found his favorite discus.

To my knowledge, competitors came from Greece and Italy with two representatives each; from France, Austria, and Czech Republic respectively with one participant each.

More fear than harm…

Indeed according to several sources; upon arrival the participants found half full or empty aquariums.

"Little anguish" for participants.

A problem in the organization that was run by all participants and judges who came to help. They can be proud of having been able to react to this situation.

Congratulations to them, a good example of solidarity. They have shown that the health of their animals was the most important thing.

Therefore, you will understand; it was not easy to take pictures. At the same time I would like to thank Christian Kubitschka, Peris Kotsiropoulos, Jackie Tran, Sune Lindblom an Andrea Andreas for their shares.

Christian Kubitschka and his Grand Champion wild discus

Brown Discus Grand Champion 2019 Piacenza

After the emotional stress period, the jury was able to start the assessment of presented discus.

Christian Kubitschka and his Brazilian exporter Andrea Andreas have spent a nice weekend.

Indeed, after winning the title of Grand Champion of the contest Paris 2019, the Austrian breeder won the same trophy in Italy.

A Fish Called Michaela in tribute to the wife of Christian Kubitschka. Her and his son have indeed maintained and prepared the discus for this competition while the breeder went to the Amazon.

Not being there, I share the best photos I was able to get. Thanks again to the photographers!

With finally the best, one taken before shipping to Austria.

Grand Champion Christian Kubitschka Austria
The fish in the hands of the exporter Andrea

Jeremy Dhieux and his breeding form champion discus

Discus Grand Champion breeding form Piacenza 2019

It was not one, but two Grand Champion trophies which were distributed. One for wild discus, and one for breeding discus forms. Which is in my opinion the best.

Cocorico! Yeaahhhh… A French won the best trophy with his turquoise discus elected discus champion among breeding forms fish.

A fish born in the Malaysian breeder farm " Na Discus "And from the English importer Francis Hu Chen's Discus.

A beautiful trophy went to France.

Jackie Tran, the breeder we should count on

Jackie Tran Czech Republic did once again a beautiful impression. Present for its second competition after the one of Paris 2019, he didn't won here trophy.

But it is without much doubt that this passionate will climb on podiums steps.

An huge Big Up for him

Brown Discus Jackie Tran Czech Rep
Brown discus from Jackie who did not won

This special small focus "Best in Show" comes to the end… Congratulations to all participants…

See you soon, since I run to the Netherlands where the will take place the event Vivarium 2019. I hope with beautiful pictures and some videos at the end (?)…

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