Discus Meeting: Paris-Grigny 2019


I regularly refers; discus meetings are incredible sharing places… So follow me to discover the most beautiful discus seen at the Paris Grigny show 2019 … Come and feel the atmosphere that can exist between enthusiasts from all over the WORLD!!!

I write very often about discus, competitions, varieties etc.… But I think we must not forget a very important aspect of our hobby: Meetings and discoveries that this provides!

Hey…. Of course, no fear you will see discus 😉

Discus meeting… Meet discus fans.

jury Paris Grigny discus show 2019
Andrzej Nowicki, Yann Hoiret, Cüneyt Birol, Tony Vaughan and Henri Bak
Jury 2019 of Paris Grigny Discus Show

I stand to talk about this subject, because this one hits me once again during the Paris-Grigny competition 2019.

Animating the Fanatik-Discus website for over ten years now, I can not count the number of contacts, messages or meetings I have had. A share who is a daily enrichment.

For this edition of the Paris Discus Show, I received many messages… These will be achieved by good surprises!

Indeed, this event will have attracted enthusiasts from distant lands, proof that the discus fascinate people from all around the globe. But also that some are still ready to make hundreds or thousands of kilometers to converge in one place.

Just yesterday I still met a discus fan from Senegal… One more sign…

The discus is top… but the links they allow us to have remains something that will fascinate me for a long time.

USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Poland… You have more far?

With time, It happened to me to build great friendships through my social networks. So what better way to achieve this at a discus meeting?

Imagine my face when Ceyhun Ozluer who manage a discus breeding farm in New York USA said me: « Hey Yann, i’m coming for the show »…

Or Simon Piche a discus lover which also confirms his coming from Quebec Canada?

Yann Hoiret and Ceyhun Ozluer Winnie's Discus
Ceyhun right straight from New York city USA

I was so excited to be able to meet all these fans from various areas! But also see all our friends, and the Bak family who welcome us with great kindness.

Feel free to visit and subscribe to the Facebook page of this New York breeder!

discus heckel cross Henri Bak
For Youngers (which I am :p)… Here are the discus the discreet
Henri Bak bred in the past… Pretty Heckel cross

The Polish also came in numbers to compete and represent their club. With this year the coming of the breeder Andrzej Nowicki as judge.

Andrzej Nowicki et sa mobile Discus
The judge Andrzej Nowicki has done few hours of road…
Discus mobile
Some events to his credit…

Andrzej some will recognize because he is the breeder behind the beautiful breeding pictures of Heckel discus that circulate here and there.

Not bad isn't it???

In short…. United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, Czech republic, Israel, Belgium, Brazil, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Italy, United States of America, Canada, with of course all fans from the four corners of France (If I forget one, please report me in the comment section).

They all came for the passion of the discus.

Concentrated on discussions without forgetting the photos…

I had planned to shoot a video… But with all these exchanges, it took me solve… I could not do everything!

So I decided to enjoy a little more, to take time for discussions, and release my camera to enjoy the presence of our aquarists friends who had done so many kilometers.

Overall, we can say that this discus meeting was well made. With a special mention for the number and quality of wild discus presented.

Including the presence of the Italian amateur breeder Giovanni Consigli and his fish just crowned with its champion title obtained in Belgium.

Grand Champion discus of the contest organized by
The Discusvrienden during the Vivarium 2018

Party atmosphere during the meal

For this edition, organizers decided to make the price ceremony during the gala dinner.

Original and friendly, This award ceremony will set the mood; open appetites and called the aperitif…

Now traditional entrance with a discus in the plate, to finish with beautiful cakes. With a little dedication made to judges since Regis chief had placed their photos…

Our New Yorker friend Ceyhun had brought an US XXL bottle of whiskey. A particular attention that all enjoyed!

Who says Americans saw everything in large size? 🙂

The coincidence of the evening will position me in front of the Austrian Christian Kubitschka and his wife who will became Grand Champion later.

Here also, it was a great discovery because we didn't knew each other.

Grand Champion 2019 Christian and his wife Kubischka
Christian and his wife with their several trophies…
Tony Vaughan et Cuneyt Birol
After efforts… the recomfort

Different trophies every year

Unusual thing, trophies of the competition organized every two years by the EDA in Grigny are a surprise.

Indeed, the French club wants to offer different rewards for each edition.

"Can you imagine the breeders who won years after years the same trophies? It's much better to have a different one every time! And most of all it's more fun when they are in the window display. "

A member of the EDA

True, we must admit, Custom trophies are enjoyed by participants… So even if they had to break the piggy bank, EDA club is always looking for ideas. And we had to congratulate them for those of this year that were particularly successful…

Trophy Discus Paris Show 2019
The trophies recalling the emblem of the poster announcing the competition

Wild discus in pole position!

I had discovered in Sweden (Video Nordic Discus Show) a great concentration of wild discus.

For this edition 2019, The Paris Grigny discus show had a big surprise! Since it's almost 48 wild fish that arrived…

They were finally dispatched in four categories. Four instead of one originally planned on the enrollment paper. They got all mixed! So much so that all of our audits have carried out several hours late. There were everywhere!

Not important, we remain concentrated. I again congratulate all the judges who accompanied me for their composure. Because it was not really planned.

I would like to note that Cüneyt, the Turkish judge has taken a few seconds to get out his camera and shoot the moment! I was far from thinking that! (Cüneyt thank you for this souvenir…)

The judge Cüneyt Birol immortalize this moment caught in the heart of chaos
Calculations notes Paris Grigny 2019
Calculation notes…

Three trophies on four available for the Austrian

Vitor Hugo Quaresma had accompanied his customers since many wild discus were presented from his collect season in Brazil.

And what season! Although some fish were acclimated for a while. What is always better of course.

For wild categories of this discus meeting, only the first place winners of the four categories were rewarded.

The Polish Jacek Skwiecinski won the first place with a Heckel discus while the other three first places were won by Christian Kubitschka from Austria.

He also will makes headlines in Austrian magazine which I had the pleasure to help with some snapshots.

Christian will make headlines of the magazine

Christian Kubitschka will be elected at the same time (I should say his fish…) Best In Show with a beautiful animal.

1 ST discus Heckel Discus meeting Paris 2019
Winner in Heckels the Polish Jacek Skwiecinski
Jacek Skwiecinski receiving his award from Régis Leleu

The wave "Kubi" in the Paris discus meeting…

1st wild green discus discus Paris Meeting 2019
Green discus winner of the Austrian Christian Kubitschka
Discus winner of the Brown category
1st discus Blue discus Paris meeting 2019
Royal Discus elected Best Discus of the contest
Jury Paris Grigny Discus Show 2019 with the Grand Champion Christian Kubitschka
Jury 2019 Paris Discus Show with the Grand Champion in the center

Hum… you can show us the shirt?

Discus Fish better than sex

To translate: "looking for a non-fishbreeder"

"Breeding with champions, BETTER THAN SEX…. "

There is a good sense of humor on the side of Austria!

To end with the wild discus , Here is a small overview of some fishs seen in the competition.

Frederic Gobert in front of his booth Paris Grigny 2019
Frédéric Gobert proposed pretty wild discus on his stand

Breeding batches

Election of the most beautiful groups of young discus…

1Paris St Lot breeding 2019
First Quality Discus Dimitri Biccler

The albino group on the left won the second place (Asia Discus – Christian Evin) while the right group will be third. (Tran Quan – France)

Turquoise discus

1ST turquoise meeting discus Paris Grigny Discus Show 2019
Winner Daniel Smith « Sigma aquatics » England
Sigma aquatics au Paris Discus show 2019
Daniel and his wife posing with their fish

Quality Discus (Belgium) left took the second place. Planet Discus of Philippe Huynh (France) took third place.

The second fish was smaller, but a very interesting style.

Note also the beautiful contrast between the red and blue color.

Red discus

1ST red meeting discus de  Paris Discus show 2019
Francis Hu of Chen's Discus won first place

Left the second from Dimitri Biccler of Quality discus and right third from Noam Kinsbursky of Dagbarama Discus Farm Israel.

Dagbarama Discus Farm Israel et Yann Hoiret
Both Israelis came for the contest

We had in the recent past known a higher level with this category.

It should be noted, the good performance of our Israeli friends who will snatch the third place with a red rose discus. Despite a small size, the fish had shown a correct morphology and coloration.

Fine pattern discus

1st fine spotted discus Red spotted discus Paris Grigny 2019
Winner Discus from Sébastien Fudulu

This is the best picture I was able to take. The discus was a bit stressed. Of modest size, he nevertheless showed a good homogeneity in its qualities. Sébastien Fudulu won at the same time the trophy for the best amateur breeder of this category.

First place for Sébastien Fudulu

Both second and third discus were presented by Philippe Huynh Planet Discus.

At the same time I would like to thank Jackie Tran for these two photos!

Jackie Tran Tat Discus and Yann Hoiret
Jackie Tran who came from Czech Republic
and I

Large pattern fish of this discus meeting

1 ST of large pattern meeting discus Paris Discus show 2019
Sigma Aquatics Daniel Smith (England) won first place

You will notice, this is a turquoise discus. A turquoise with a "large pattern" that benefit of the categorization proposed to come and win against two pigeon blood discus.

As I mentioned on previous editions, I really think this point should be improved this in the future.

Nevertheless, this nice fish managed to outperform the pigeon blood. unusual thing that deserves to be highlighted.

Beautiful audacity of its owner, maybe "coached" on this one by a Jeffrey Tan.

The team IP Discus formed with Daniel (Because the fish come from the Malay breeder Tony Tan) has managed a masterclass shot. Bravo!

Because turquoise can also have a large pattern…

The club proposed a category "large pattern" and category "turquoise", so the owner was able to win with two turquoise in two different categories…

And to avoid a possible reclassification, it was registered a "striped turquoise" in the category "Turquoise" (On Left). and "turquoise coarse" for the "large pattern".

Small "loophole" of the regulation well exploited.

diagram Explanation

large pattern level 3-4-5-6 yann Hoiret

The Paris competition 2019 proposed:

A category "turquoise lined" = striped (understood by participants as simply "turquoise"… sic)

And a category "large pattern" (Large pattern).

Here is how two turquoise discus could won 2 categories in this competition. While respecting of course regulations.

For those interested in the topic: See you in identification section

These topics are very important in my opinion as it demonstrates the importance of the classification of the discus and the impact of proposed categories can have for competitors. (Not to mention the understanding of the subject that we must pass).

You will also notice that in the main trunk level 3 "Large pattern" are the leopards (level 4). Participants could also enter leopards in "Large pattern" category while it was proposed a "big spots" category.

I think the proposed categories should not allow the registration of a same fish in two different types of categories.

In second and third place, we find two pigeon blood discus. They were unable to succeed winning the first place despite very bright colors.

Left fish from Philippe Huynh (France), and on right side the one of Krzysztof dodging (Poland)

Regis Leuleu and Philip Huynh Planete Discus
Philippe Hyunh Planet Discus

The albino discus

least Category encountered in Europe, Even maybe the only one contest proposing it.

1there Discus albinos meeting discus Paris 2019
Discus albino winner Planet Discus P. Hyunh

Pictured from left; pattern albino discus of’Asia Discus Christian Evin (France). on right the one of Dimitri Biccler Quality Discus

Christian Evin et Regis Leuleu
Christian Evin and his trophy

The big points discus

We can legitimately ask some questions about the pattern of the discus winner due to the title of the category.

The high and low of the pattern parts presents a leopard pattern, but the major central part of his body is composed of lines.

This is his biggest weakness. For the rest… This discus fish was a real attraction. A proud and very pleasant behavior to observe, intense color and contrast.

A very nice fish, which was mentioned for the title of Grand Champion. We wish to the breeder to perfect this strain for the future.

1er Large spots Meeting discus Paris Grigny 2019
Champion Discus Quality Discus
2 ND large spots Meeting discus Paris Discus show 2019
Daniel Smith Sigma Aquatics second in the category
3RD large spots meeting discus Paris Discus show 2019
Third from Christian Evin Asia Discus

The solid blue discus

As I mentioned earlier about the red category; this category was not as great as what we were able to observe on previous European competitions.

Despite this, it is still Francis Hu of Chen's Discus who won the first place.

It will surpass his pursuer on most valued criteria. A red eye for an identical size, better color uniformity, better on the fins (On the caudal fin, watch the small ray fault of the second fish).

A sum of details that will lead this blue discus on the top of the podium.

1 st solid blue Meeting discus paris 2019
The winner from Francis Hu Chen's Discus England
2ND solid blue Meeting Discus paris 2019
The second Quality Discus Belgium
3RD solid blue Meeting Discus paris 2019
The third Planète Discus France

Discus unclassifiable, open category

The categories of "unclassifiable" discus often reserve a few surprises.

Indeed, as judge, fish presented in these categories (Until two in some contests) push us in our entrenchments.

This is of course evaluate what we see but also understand the breeder selection work. Because these fish of a new style are sometimes the result of an idea with specific goals.

An idea with results that does not enter in a category proposed by the organizers. Still a little bit "special" Animals.

A bit obvious work because less frequently performed, asking for more advanced knowledge of the varieties.

Here maybe the future "star variety"…

In this edition 2019, I was delighted for example to evaluate two calico discus; because those are few presented in competition. I also think that the calico varieties are still unknown…

A variety which I have decided to work on.

Tour Eiffel Discus Paris Grigny competition 2019

Uncommon winner

First place was won by a calico discus which is part of the type that could be called "speckled calico".

Here, the winner shows good balance in the distribution of red-orange speckles. A blue-black ring and a golden color head.

Although this fish has a small hollow above its mouth, its general morphology is harmonious.

An interesting discus from Daniel Smith Sigma Aquatics near Birmingham – England.

To allow you to enjoy the balance difference in the color of the fish who won, I leave you compare it with the other calico in this contest.

On Left, speckles are too numerous. They give a too "solid" effect. On the other hand, the color is very interesting. on right, the winner with more spaced speckles.

1st open meeting discus Paris Grigny 2019 discus calico spotted
1st cat open meeting discus Paris discus show 2019 discus calico spotted

However… This winning discus has a rather singular peculiarity… Have you noticed??? Leave your opinion or comment at the bottom of the article!

Discus white leopard second Philip Huynh
3st discus Cat open meeting discus Paris 2019
Discus Third Dhieux father and son
Jeremy Dhieux and son
The Dhieux family receiving their trophy

This report made not far from the French capital reaches its end.

I hope you have enjoyed. Feel free to share it on your social networks or even leave your comment-questions dedicated to this discus meeting.

Moreover… Have you found a special trait for the calico winner discus?

Feel free to join the growing number of subscribers readers! You will receive an email notification for each article.

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If you also, you want to meet many fans of discus, regularly follow the page " The discus show calendar " of the website that announces major upcoming events.

See you soon for the second part of 2019 which is already announced rich!

About Author

Discus Breeder and Discus columnist, Yann Hoiret share on the website Fanatik-Discus his experience and passion for the King of aquariums. From 2014 He worked as a writer for the french magazine "AquaMag", the German magazines "Discus Live" and "Discus yearbook". He participated as an international judge in France Discus show 2014 and 2016 in Arvert, au Greek Discus Show 2014 in Athens, Discus Show in Paris Grigny 2015, 2017 and 2019, au FIDO concurso 2016, 2017 and 2018 Spain, au Nordic Discus Show 2018 Sweden, au France Discus Show 2018 Cognac, Discusvrienden the discus competition 2018, 2019, 2022 in the Netherlands.


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  2. David Bailly on

    Full article as usual with this feature always passion of the author…
    For the "Calico" winner….a variety that I have known for some time… Without being a judge I would say it has the distinction of having eyes … "Minnows" ???
    I win what???

  3. Yann Hoiret on

    Exactly Vincent and David… This fish had wall eyes. ... So, for you David, you earn a good beer when we will cross!
    If I start paying beers for answers to my questions… it may get crowded!!! 🙂
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  5. Wonderful pictures and maybe one day I shall be able to visit some of these shows.

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    Czes Pachela.

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    A big thank you for storytelling and scope of information, it's always a pleasure to read your stories, especially as you were at the heart of the system as a judge for this Edition 2019.
    Not easy to appreciate the true value participants, especially trying to be as impartial as possible. It is also true that complicity binds a country to another. The radiation EDA is more European than one might imagine.
    The wild discus were represented in many a fair return to the source as our discus is from Amazon.
    Congratulations again to this craze of you, your availability, and kindness
    Regis Amazonian aquarium ......

  7. Yann Hoiret on

    Regis thank you,
    It's true that it's good to see people travel from as far!
    This also highlights the importance of seriousness that we must have when evaluating animal breeders came to share the fruits of their efforts.
    Moments of laughter and relaxation that we may intervene only once the job done.
    Soon for new "adventures"!

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