Discus Show Calendar

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As you have noticed, the number of contest organized through the world continues to grow…

To provide your travel; better organize your events; I propose to follow here the news of Discus Show around the world.

You who organize dedicated events to the discus, do not hesitate to give me your dates that will take place in this calendar. (Use the "Contact the author")

Hoping cross you in one of them…

Yann Hoiret 馃檪

September 2019

Polish Club of Discus Lovers 21-22 September 2019 Poland Poznan

WARNING dates changed! The competition will finally take place on 26 and 27 September 2019.

The 7th Polish international championship discus will be held in the city of Poznan.

The PKMD club came in good numbers at the Paris-Grigny discus show 2019 March. The opportunity for them to ensure the promotion of the event.

I look forward to joining 7 members of an international jury. It is indeed a pleasure to have responded to their invitation.

I look forward to exploring this renowned event to accommodate a large number of amateur competitors.

You will find all the necessary information the PKMD website which has an English version (Click "translate" at the bottom right of your screen). You also find their Facebook page below.

Facebook Page Polish Club of Discus Lovers

Contest Promotion with members of the Polish Association PKMD

October 2019

Schmidt-Focke honored Discus show & championship 19-20 October 2019.

WARNING dates changed! The competition originally planned near Milano city will finally take place on 19 and 20 October 2019.

Initially announced in mid-September 2019 north of the city of Milano in Italy, this contest changes location and date. The organization returns to Heiko Bleher which will also propose a biotope aquarium contest.

Appointment is given to Petsfestival Piacenza in Italy (Piacenza Expo -sentence. Le Mose, Via Tirotti 11, 29122 Piacenza)

For more information about the proposed categories and competition, I invite you to visit Web page dedicated to the second edition of the Schmidt-Focke honored Discus Show & Championship.

November 2019

Discusvrienden Discus show 2-3 November 2019 Rosmalen Netherlands

The competition will be organized by the Belgian club From Discusvrienden and will be held in Rosmalen during Vivarium 2019.

Vivarium Website 2019

An event I advise you: Reportage dedicated to the Discusvrienden-Vivarium event. Subscribe to the newsletter!!!

Video report Vivarium edition 2018. With the discus show organized by Eddy Leysen and his team of "De Discusvrienden".

Contact Eddy Leysen for any information dedicated to discus competition. Mail adress available earlier in the poster contest.

May 2020

France Discus show 9-10 may 2020 Cognac France

Information and poster coming