Ad: En route to the Nordic Discus Show 2018


The Nordic Discus Show 2018 be held from 20 to 22 April in the city of Ullared in Sweden.

It is with great pleasure that I responded positively to the invitation of the Nordic Discus Society to join the jury 100% International consists of Frank Tinnes, Heiko Bleher, Dirk Schlingmann (Germany), Tony Vaughan (Ireland), Iovino Gennarino (Italy) and Mark Evenden (England).

You will find the presentation of the judges on the NDS official website 2018.

These are 100 discus competition that are expected for this event which will take place on 1000 square meters.

Nordic Discus Show 2018 Trophees

Tony Johansson preparing trophies


Program you Nordic Discus Show 2018

For those interested, I invite you to visit the competition program.

Doors for the event will open on Friday 20 April and the Nordic Discus Society will offer lectures by Heiko Bleher, Hans Evers (The famous magazine "Amazonas"), Dirk Schlingmann and myself.

I also have the difficult task of being the first at 16:00 on Friday 20 April. The topic I will address the request of the organizers is the one I present since 2 years already in France about improving regulation of competition discus.

A topic discussed for the first time France Discus Show 2016. Then in depth 2017 during the Paris-Grigny Discus Show.

Annonce conférence Suède Nordic Discus Show 2018


It is with great pleasure that I would present the results of this work to discus enthusiasts from northern Europe!

Conférences Nordic Discus Show 2018

Heiko Bleher will present tomorrow the findings of its 12 last month with an announcement about her according, the presentation of a new wild discus population.

Hans Evers Also on Saturday will discuss the new goshawks of corydoras.

Dirk Schlingmann address meanwhile many topics goshawks breeding discus, its history, until water treatment, the technical aspects, food etc.… Exciting topics!

Sunday, Hans Ever and Heiko Bleher also offer 2 other conferences. As you can see… will be a very busy weekend!!!

Here also, some exclusive pictures of the preparations…


Nordic Discus Show 2018 preparation

Nordic Discus Show 2018 preparation Nordic Discus Show 2018 preparation

Nordic Discus Show 2018 preparation displays NDS 2018 Preparations… and town display…


I say you can be soon in the land of Vikings!



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