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It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of my interview on Diskusari, a Croatian website dedicated to the discus .
It is with great pleasure that I answered the questions of Mario Bogdan the president of the Croatian Club Discus. He contacted me a while back to know my views on rather specific topics.


Interview on Diskusari: Technical questions about food

In this interview on Diskusari Mario Bogdan widely discussed about the theme of nutrition and the results of my tests and observations dedicated to Dennerle food.

Because after asking me for a small presentation, He quickly wanted to get into the heart of the matter with this technical theme.

Probleme digestif discus Interview sur Diskusari

Digestive disorders that can lead to the death of a fish

I will not show here my answers because I just invite you to discover it on this Croatian web site dedicated to the discus.

So are addressed questions about the formulation of Dennerle foods, the interest of the additions of probiotics and Prebiotics, the interest of a soft granulate. But also why protein content is lower for the discus food, or even the interest of a freeze-dried food you've discovered on Fanatik-discus: Calanus plankton.

Explanation of triple action food Dennerle

Explanation of the 'triple action' food

He finished the interview with questions dedicated to the environment of our discus and the use of water, mineral salts that can be used etc..

If you need an explanation, or a translation about a question that interests you, do not hesitate to ask here. I will answer with pleasure.

Finally, I recommend the very good "interview" section of Diskusari which offers interviews from several discus experts. It is an honour for me to be at the side of these personalities…

I wish you good reading,

English version interview

Interview in Croatian version


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