One more trophy for the discus breeder Tony Tan


Tony Tan the Malaysian discus breeder appeared nicely on TV.

He won a prestigious award in Asia…

Worldwide Excellence Award 2016

Tony Tan Worldwide excellence Award 2016

This award is a great recognition in Asia. (Worldwide Excellence Award)

It rewards the investment and the level of excellence of an individual or a professional. Recognized worldwide by many trophies Tony Tan therefore received this reward.

The values here are the professionalism, experience, knowledge or influence in its field.

Tony Tan and its fish actually dominate the world stage by regularly winning Grand Champion titles. And this for several years now…


Tony Tan: "We are the champions and we are proud to be Malaysians.

Tony Tan Excellence Award 2016

I propose here a translation of the video…

"Tony Tan, the Malaysian discus breeder with the 5 Grand Champion titles is probably the largest breeder of discus in the country with its 5 incredible breeding establishments. "

"I am very grateful and I am delighted to receive this award so special tonight.. I would like to thank the organizers who gave me the chance to get this Award. This is a very valuable Award for me. "

"I want to keep it that way.". Win more awards in the future and raise the Malaysian flag during Grand Champion prize presentation. And show everyone that we are the champions, but also proud to be Malaysians. "

"Thanks."! "

Everyone is warned… Prepare your discus! Tony Tan is still hungry for more trophies!!!

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Discus Breeder and Discus columnist, Yann Hoiret share on the website Fanatik-Discus his experience and passion for the King of aquariums. From 2014 He worked as a writer for the french magazine "AquaMag", the German magazines "Discus Live" and "Discus yearbook". He participated as an international judge in France Discus show 2014 and 2016 in Arvert, au Greek Discus Show 2014 in Athens, Discus Show in Paris Grigny 2015, 2017 and 2019, au FIDO concurso 2016, 2017 and 2018 Spain, au Nordic Discus Show 2018 Sweden, au France Discus Show 2018 Cognac, Discusvrienden the discus competition 2018 and 2019 Netherlands.


  1. Yann,
    The strength of this Malaysian breeder unconventional is that it is everywhere, If it is not itself in person are his disciples who win; and there are many aquarium fish.
    Congratulations to Tony for this accessit. And meeting in Paris Grigny 2016.

  2. Hello,I just bought my first Tony Tan "a lemon" (with a cool certificate ?? )
    Well it must be very durable,because after analyzing water bag, I got a PH 8.3 and 2602 micro siemens???

  3. Yann Hoiret on

    Hello Franck,
    First, I apologize for the late reply!
    I never had the opportunity to maintain fish. I know by against breeders who are quite happy to see them swim in their aquariums! 🙂
    With such results, one can imagine that the fish had been treated with salt before departure.

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