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SODA en deuil

It is with great sadness that I just announce the death of Jean Paul Gourdet, President of the discussophile association SODA.

Jean Paul has fought for many years against the disease, and she the will prevent from seeing the 4th edition of the Championship of France of Arvert discus…

An event that saw the light of day in 2010 and he was one of the instigators. Some of you knew him on the forums of discussion under the pseudonym "JPG". 17 ".

His family, the members of the’SODA Association which he was president, and the discus world have lost a great man.

The funeral took place today in Saintes.

Those who wish can leave here a few words in tribute to Jean Paul Gourdet.

All my condolences to his family and his entourage.


Hommage à Jean Paul Gourdet SODA


Yann Hoiret

About Author

Discus Breeder and Discus columnist, Yann Hoiret share on the website Fanatik-Discus his experience and passion for the King of aquariums. From 2014 He worked as a writer for the french magazine "AquaMag", the German magazines "Discus Live" and "Discus yearbook". He participated as an international judge in France Discus show 2014 and 2016 in Arvert, au Greek Discus Show 2014 in Athens, Discus Show in Paris Grigny 2015, 2017 and 2019, au FIDO concurso 2016, 2017 and 2018 Spain, au Nordic Discus Show 2018 Sweden, au France Discus Show 2018 Cognac, Discusvrienden the discus competition 2018 and 2019 Netherlands.


  1. Yann Hoiret on

    Thank you Jean Paul of having worked for our common passion that to birthplace this France Discus Show.
    You can be proud to participate in this beautiful adventure in the company of your friends of the SODA association.
    You managed to bring a part of Europe in this 'village' of Arvert!
    I'm sure the top, you look at, We all have a thought for you in April.

  2. Goodbye to Jean-Paul, which showed us that passion can lead to great things. Thanks to him for his ambitions and his pleasure of sharing.
    Condolences to all his family.

  3. Jean-Marc on

    All my condolences to his family, the world of discus in France loses a great man.
    I keep in memory the home that it m has reserved, his kindness, its availability, and his humor when I did Arvert 2014…. We will think of him at the next Arvert 2016.
    Jean Marc

  4. Sincere condolences,
    Thanks for all this work done on behalf of our passion fish.
    The family thought, loved ones, friends.

  5. Alain Joris on

    We were of the same month of the same year,It created links!!
    I will always remember our endless discussions on our shared passion, always rewarding with you!!
    Arvert will never be like this without you my friend, but there is no doubt that at the end of April you'll be with us and that we can feel your presence!!
    Rest in peace my friend!!

  6. It is with sadness that I went yesterday with Jean paul…
    We, members of SODA him do much, to perpetrate his memory we have created the best discus french amateur price which will be called the price 'Jean Paul Gourdet' to the next show of ARVERT Discus.
    For my part, I above all lost one of my best buddies. As he had hoped, His discus returned with me at home and every time that I look at them the image of Jean Paul is encrusted in the bins…


  7. Philippe on

    Condolences to the family and all relatives of Jean-Paul.
    I will keep the memory of a man nice and warm. The Discus Show of Arvert won't quite be like without him.
    You missed Jean-Paul.

  8. Xavier J on

    Since 25 years we share the same passion, together we organized our first expos to salamander, then after the competition in France and Germany we had the desire to create with our friends in Aqua 17 the FDS of Arvert. So was born this competition taking over the years more and more scale, We owe it to you and in good sailors we will keep the bar! We have set the price of the best breeder Amateur that you dreamed to win, It is yours now, Since it will be your name. Hi captain !

  9. Frank Straumann on

    It is a great sadness to lose a friend like Jean-Paul.
    Always right in his boots, full of courage.
    I think that the world of discus will remember a great gentleman.
    We will all have a thought for you in the month of April.
    All my condolences to his family.

  10. Gilles LOCHET on

    It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of Jean-Paul.
    John Paul I met him for the first time at the DISCUS SHOW in 2010. I had the pleasure of exchanged with him during this event as well as the following. Passionate person who loved shared his passion.
    Sincere condolences to his family, close and friends.

  11. I remember when I came home the first time, the first amateur breeding I visited, a discussion of 2 hours surrounding the discus.
    I just came to look for some young people to restart I left without anything, but I became adherent SODA that you have created with some friends from the corner.
    We take particular care in the success of the show 2016 you both wanted.
    There is no doubt that you'll be an attentive Viewer there or you are, accompanied by a few pointing.
    Hello friend

  12. All members of the Association Discus Passion join me in these difficult times. Sincere condolences to the family and all relatives of Jean-Paul.

    President of ADP

  13. You were the ray of sunshine in your region, you were the president of SODA you are beating you to the end, I thought see you in Paris. You'll stay, a major player in the organization that animated you.
    I will keep a good memory of you. You had to come in the Amazon, but fate has decided otherwise. Hi Jean Paul, We will have a thought for you in the next Championship.

  14. "" You were probably my competitor more "tough" for the price of the best breeder French , without animosity and with a righteousness and a franc spoke that you characterized …
    I will remember all my life this famous evening at Franck and the challenges of Wayne ng with fruit salad….
    You have made the first step towards me in Ablon/Seine to meet me in 1997 in a parking lot, I would say the last words to you…
    It would be expensive to win your challenge "Amateur". ; I know it will be very difficult to winning; but thanks to you not impossible….

  15. It my given the passion of the discus.
    I still have my home two of his discus.
    I will therefore continue to high (Since 16 years old)

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