Notes of the discus in the France Discus Show 2014


Notes Discus champion pigeon blood in Arvert 2014

During the France Discus show 2014, visitors were able to enjoy the notes given by the judges.

Indeed, the organizers had planned to display all of the evaluations obtained by the 3 discus winners in each category.

A popular initiative for participants and visitors…

An informative note display

Educational, This display should in my point of view be most widely used during the discus competitions.

It helped to explain at least insiders why such fish was able to win his trophy. Participants had meanwhile enjoy here whole criterias that will remain them to be improved for the next contest.

I have noted an interesting thing thanks to this communication by the association SODA… Misunderstandings regarding the results were quickly explained!

Notes displayed during the France Discus Show 2014

Example of notes posted on aquariums

A less well noted criteria, a penalized default … and a fish can rapidly lose a place on the podium! At this level, all the details are important!

I had the chance to exchange with some participants of the France Discus Show After the award ceremony. The display of notes on aquariums with discus Winners allowed to explain and discuss calmly about results.

Shortly after the contest, David Delgoulet contacted me to offer me a job on pictures taken during the contest. This work was to place the details of each notes in front of each fish to discus enthusiasts understand assessments.

I thank him warmly here for his contribution and proposes you to discover here the fruit of his work! Once again congratulations to the association SODA and its members for all the work done!

For example, I however would echo what very good David fish, a turquoise female that will not leave you without reaction despite its 9 th place…

Discus turquoise France Discus Show 2014

Turquoise Discus from David Delgoulet

I therefore invite you to find all these photos on the Facebook page of the blog Fanatik-Discus. And do not hesitate to react or ask your questions at the end of this article!

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