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Interzoo 2012 selection d'équipement pour discus

passionates’discus aquariums and discus are always on the lookout for new equipment arriving on the Aquarium market; be it’food, of’lighting or of equipment dedicated to’tank raised ones.

The international trade fair Interzoo Nuremberg is the place for professionals or to guess the future trends. Among the latest innovations that should arrive in stores, I propose you a selection that I have decided to publish on my blog Fanatik-Discus.

Food for discus, Revolutionary brine shrimps, discus aquariums, test of water, lighting… Manufacturers have this year proposed beautiful achievements.

In addition, I could not resist the urge to share my photos of planted aquariums… Since Nuremberg is still the high point of the Aquarium hobby, the place where marks expose their expertise.

I hope you enjoy this touch of’Aquascaping, very trend at this time that began to affect the world of the discus as proves this video of a green discus aquarium aquascaping.

This event was the occasion to find some friends and personalities such as Heiko Bleher or Gerd Schulz of AmazonasRochen

Zoo Med earthworms and brine shrimps flakes for discus?

The famous American brand Zoo Med would like to propose to its European customers his new flakes for aquarium fishs "Zoo Med earthworm. (earthworms) and "Zoo Med Brine shrimps" (Brine shrimps).

These two foods are quite suitable for the discus and could be added without problem to their daily food rations. Rich and poor quality protein in fat these products 'Made in USA' will join Europe if importers believe they can find their place in the heart of the Aquarium.

Difficult challenge in front of mastodons like Sera Gmbh, JBL or Tetra…

TETRA innove dans l’alimentation pour les discus.

Tetra discus

The German brand has decided to expand its range of food dedicated to the discus.

The crips already existed for a few families of exotic fish, they now join the "Discus" range with the Tetra Discus PRO  in format 500 ml.

Discus fry can be satisfied with the Tetra Discus Mini, a food in small granules size responding to the specific needs of young discus.

I had the chance to test the version Crips for discus and I can tell you that this food is rather tasty!

Liquid mineral salts and discus granulates for Aquatic Nature

Granulés discus Aquatic nature

Aquatic Nature offers a new pellet «» Discus Energy Grow "and revamps its box Excel color. A spotted leopard discus replaces the two blue diamond of the brand in the ' box black. (Cf picture above).

New liquid minerals complet the crystals ones (REMIN-Discus). The advantage of these salts would be the ease of use and less waiting for the manufacture of water.

sels mineraux liquides discus aquatic nature
Liquid minerals Discus Biogenics

Equipment: Lighting LED Fluval ramps…

Among the many new features presented by the famous Canadian brand Hagen, Lighting LED Fluval ramps may soon be of interest to many of us…

Apart from energy savings, the rendering of an aquarium illuminated with LED technology is breathtaking. A unknown: The price…

Rampe d'aquarium eclairage LED Fluval
Aquarium Fluval LED Hagen

Discrete, the Fluval LED ramp should seduce more than one aquarist…

A line of aquariums and a UV for Eheim…

UV Eheim

This Ultra Violet filter proposed by the German group Eheim should be equipped with entry and exit valves to facilitate its maintenance. However, it has the advantage of being compact.

The Interzoo exhibition is also an opportunity for producers to collect observations to improve their creations. It is possible that products undergo slight improvements before arriving for aquarists.

Le photomètre de Söll un matériel idéal pour l’élevage

Photometre soll Aqua-Check

We now arrive on the "big issues" this year…

Söll now present its photometer AQUA-CHECK for all those who wish to go further with their aquarium. The principle is simple fill a flask of water of the aquarium, Add reagents in it. Each parameter have its reagent.

Once this operation is performed, immerse the photometer Aqua-check in the flask and read the result…

You will tell me : 'I have a pH electronic meter that once immersed in water gives me the pH'

But it is precisely where the Aqua-check of Söll is any interest… Because this measuring product allow to appreciate many parameters in a very reliable manner such as nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, GH, the KH, phosphates etc… just for the basic model!

A material that will accompany the discus lovers in their understanding of the main parameters of water for the discus.

Revolutionary Artemia 'Artemia SEP - Art technology' Ocean Nutrition

Artemia GSL SEP Art technology Ocean Nutrition

Here also… Big folder, and I would even say HUGE folder! Because the novelty proposed by Ocean nutrition is simply brilliant!

It will impress surely all ornamental fish breeders and I think will find many applications in aquaculture areas.

I ask you a question: How do you separate the empty shells of brine shrimps (or non-hatched) from Live brine shrimps you give to your fry?

A real loss of time is this not?

Well Ocean Nutrition offers you its latest generation of brine shrimps cysts SEP Art Technology which will allow you to obtain the artemia nauplii without any eggshell that may cause intestinal occlusions in your fry.

Septic??? Follow the guide !

The principle is simple, because shells of brine react to the magnetization. So when the artemia nauplii are hatched, simply place the incubation bottle water in a separator strongly magnetized to see the shells stick to the magnet; leaving the brine shrimps nauplii only swimming in the water.

Discover this method here below in pictures… And I let you click on the link to the video of the SEP Art technology of ocean Nutrition brine shrimps.

Artemia GSL SEP Art technology Ocean Nutrition

aquariums Ferplast, New color and improvement of the equipment

Aquarium Dubaï LED Ferplast

The Italian brand continues to expand its line of’discus aquariums. Two years ago, the Dubai series declined in white had created the surprise.

Ferplast did then a beautiful burst in stores with this new color for discus aquariums manufactured in large series.

This year, the color taupe very trend will make it the same success?

One thing is sure the new LED lighting system should seduce… Indeed, In addition to the programming system embedded in the top, the LED system allows to vary the light intensity emitted on the’aquarium. A little more than what propose its concurrent!

 Food: Tropical granulates for breeding

Aliment Discus gran D-50 baby pour discus Tropical
Granulés pour discus D-50 plus de Tropical

Two new granules will delighted Polish brand fans Tropical . After having benefited from the reputation of the famous Jack Wattley as you can see on the D-50 PLUS range or D-Allio PLUS; le nouveau granulate for the discus fry D-50 BABY  enrich the range.

KRILL Gran granulates can also serve as meal to our fish with close 40% of krill.

A rich new year in the field of the discus food!

Aliment pour discus Krill gran de Tropical

Jörg Stendker présent avec ses aquariums de discus

Stendker breeders are always the most important producers of European discus . Present in many events Jörg Stendker exposed as usual a good number of breeding pairs.

Below of the pigeon blood and pigeon blood snakeskin.

Discus pigeon blood Stdenker Nurnberg Interzoo 2012
Discus pigeon blood snakeskin Stendker Nurnberg Interzoo 2012

aquarists friendships …

In this kind of events, It's always nice to welcome some acquaintances…

Here Heiko Bleher exposing a good number of his works and Gerd Schulz of AmazonasRochen, the German stingrays breeder who has joined my blog partners.

Heiko Bleher et Yann Hoiret Nurnberg Interzoo 2012
Yann Hoiret et Gerd Schulz Nurnberg Interzoo 2012

Below, the rays issued from livestock Gerd Schulz AmazonasRochen

Interzoo Nurnberg 2012 Raie eau douce Amazonasrochen
Nurnberg Interzoo  2012 Raie eau douce amazonasrochen
Nurnberg Interzoo  2012 Raie eau douce amazonasrochen
Nurnberg Interzoo  2012 Raie eau douce amazonasrochen

Aquascaping interzoo 2012 do the show!

As at each edition the professional event Interzoo is the opportunity to see beautiful discus aquariums planted. To the turns of the aisles, visitors are left impressed by the Danish company's expertise Tropica which produces many tropical plants for aquarium.

Produits pour plantes Tropica
New range of plant care presented by Lars, one of the French participants for Tropica

The famous Oliver Knott that presented an animation on the aquascaping made beautiful discus aquariums for Anubias society. The German representatives of Takashi Amano also took part of party with many beautiful tanks…

I say no more…

Click on the thumbnail images to scroll down the pictures of all these discus aquariums… Aquascaping when you got me!!!

Aquascaping Oliver Knott Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Aquascaping Oliver Knott Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Aquascaping Oliver Knott Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Oliver Knott for Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Aquascaping Oliver Knott Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Aquascaping Oliver Knott Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Aquascaping Oliver Knott stand Anubias Nürnberg 2012
Aquascaping Oliver Knott stand Anubias Nürnberg 2012

This report ends with these photos. I hope that you'll enjoy. Do not hesitate to follow the news from the blog on Facebook, Instagram or via the newsletter (Registration below this article)

See you soon!

Yann Hoiret

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