A disaster for the discus of the rio Xingu… Brazil Belo Monte Dam


The Brazilian government has been working for some time to build the hydroelectric Belo Monte dam on the Rio Xingu. This is not smooth… The indigenous, wildlife and wild plants will see their environment radically change…

The extinction of rare or endemic species is to be feared. A decrease in biodiversity in this region of the world is to be feared…

To understand this subject, here is a first film that allows you to understand the impact of such a project on the environment…


Hydroelectricity in the Amazon, a foreseeable impact.

It all begins with the birth of the Amazon in the Andes. This video shows the important role of chariés sediments by the river, the disposal of a portion of the forest during the flood season, the migration of fish going up the River to breed.

A little further, l & rsquo; potential impact of the & rsquo; d & rsquo facility; a dam on the river… Immersed to a part of the forest, accumulation of sediment upstream of the dam, errosion downstream from it, disruption of the natural cycles of water.

This will cause a higher oxygen demand above the dam, methane production, of neurotoxic, but disruption of reproductive cycles of many species. The film focuses on "ecosystem river" which man takes advantage of the natural fertilization of land, fishing etc…




Belo Monte, a foretold war Teaser…

Authorization of the construction of the dam on the rio Xingu, third most important in the world, an estimated cost 20 $ trillion; the most expensive building in the history of the Brazil; the native land and more than 50 000 people affected; the watershed of the Xingu and Amazon forest "checkmate"…

How do we develop? destroying our natural resources? Why? For which?

You need energy? And the forest, you need it?

To go further, Report of 11 min in Portuguese as titled in English



The death of the discus of the rio Xingu?

Il some time ago, I have knowledge of Nandi Hivatal, a Hungarian passione who fell in love with the discus of the rio Xingu… After years of research, He had the chance to find a few pieces in a German importer. Since it has several pairs and his passion to emulate!

Indeed, small fry that he born joined the other enthusiasts such as aquariums Andras Kis (Hungary) or Chris Englezou (England). Nandi tracks good fish. The d & rsquo; ors et déjà fait plusieurs de lignées discus du Xingu for Cambridge les risques de consanguinité.

I let you discover their passion fruit in the hope that these fish are not condanner to exist in aquarium…


Andras Kis…

Discus sauvage du rio Xingu Discus sauvage du rio Xingu

Couple de discus sauvage du rio Xingu

The F1 of Nandi discus have had their tours of small…

Couple de discus sauvage Xingu avec ses alevins

Couple de discus du rio Xingu avec ses alevins

Nandi Hivatal responsible for the dissemination of these lines…


Shortly after their arrival in Hungary.

Discus du rio Xingu Discus du rio Xingu

Discus du rio Xingu

After a good acclimatization to captivity…

Discus du rio Xingu

Discus du rio Xingu

Ponte de discus du rio Xingu

Couple de discus du Rio Xingu

Discus du rio Xingu dans son bac de reproduction

Chris Englezou

A fish born in Nandi…

Jeune discus du Rio Xingu


I would like to thank Nandi, Andras and Chris that m & rsquo; spontaneously allowed to share their wonderful photos on the blog Fanatik-Discus!

I thank you and congratulate you for your work !

Köszönöm !

Yann Hoiret

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