Duisburg 2010 3second part. Livestock and wild forms

The World Championship Duisburg 2010
Discus leopard duisbourg 2010

For this eighth edition of World Championship, many nations were represented. Nineteen, This is the number of this country on the concours… Duisburg attracts participants from distant lands such as the India, Japan, Russia not to mention Malaysia ; nation that is imposed over the years in the landscape discussophile.

It is among most of 300 fish that is the Grand Champion 2010. The distribution of the varieties found has this advanced year. Exit the category "pigeon blood".. The 'open' category was divided into two : The category open full color (Color United) and the category "open striped/spotted." (Striated or points patterns)

These two categories have received very many varieties. Imagine competing against a snakes skin blood pigeons, leopards etc. Difficult to guess what will be the winners !

With a level very found in forms of breeding discus and a few beautiful subjects in the wild ; many people are allow to say that this year was a very good level.
This A, I invite you to discover some fish of the concours…


Present goods Indians

Duisburg retains this beautiful specificity in allowing 4 categories of wild (heckel, Brown, Blue and green). More than 60 fish were exposed with a strong presence of heckel discus (26 registrations).
This year, a thin layer of sand and a root resin was placed in aquariums. Legally imposed on the organisers of the competition, It seems that these decorations have had a beneficial effect on the State of stress in animals.
Nevertheless, It is always difficult to properly appreciate the beauty of these fish. Regularly posted at the bottom of their aquariums, take beautiful shots was a real défi…

Discus Heckel duisbourg 2010

Discus heckel who finished 5th in its class

Aquariums des discus sauvages

Aquariums dedicated to wild

L’Europe domine encore…

In the 12 trophies won all confused categories, only 4 are won by the Asian continent (Which 2 for the single. Thoroughbred aquarium "of the Japan). Europe dominates the competition with one Rob de Fouw who will rise 3 time on the podium. This year, as in 2004 Rob will win the trophy for the best wild of the competition at the same time.

Elected 1st in "Heckel"., 1er in "Brown" category it is accompanied by Andrea Sassi and Antonello Greco (Italy) arrived 1 blue category ; and Shuchi Watanabe (Japan) which won the 1st place in the category "green"..
I also invite you to visit his website decorated nice photos.

Discus Heckel duisbourg 2010

Discus heckel which finishes 7th in its class

Discus bleu sauvage Duisbourg 2010

Wild Blue champion (Andrea Sassi and Antonello Greco)

Discus heckel Grand Champion sauvage duisbourg 2010

Rob de Fouw Champion all wild confused

form farm, carton plein pour l’Asie !

Side form of livestock, the finding is not the same…

All of the trophies were awarded to Asian farmers or their European representatives. Domination without sharing !

The best place obtained by a European farmer was that of Leo Lanssens (Belgium) with a melon red. It fails at the foot of the podium with a 4th place in category "open full color." (Open solid color). Despite its beautiful size, cherry red eyes and its correct proportions ; He will have missed a little more consistency and intensity in colour. Leo Lanssens, a regular at the competition that will not rise this year on the podium… Let's wish him a better success in 2 years old !

Discus red melon Catégorie open Duisbourg 2010

This photograph allows us to understand the notes of judges.

Drapeau Taïwan Taïwan en force !

At the awards, Bernd Degen asked the representatives of the Taiwan delegation if they had planned a container for their return... so they have won awards !

Indeed not less than 14 trophies left for Taiwan with a very clear in the category red spotted domination Yi Suei-Yang (Taiwan discus farm) won the 1st, 2th, 3rd place !

Taiwan discus farm, Yi Suei Yang, Chang Ya Shan Duisbourg 2010

Yi Suei-Yang and Chang Ya-Shan can be proud of their results.

Later in the article (4second part)…

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