Duisburg 2010 2second part. Exhibitors and associations


Now direction the Austria with Styria discus. This company was present in Duisburg for the second consecutive year. Styria discus is an association of small local farmers ; it builds on the strength of its discussions and the number of members can offer a good selection of varieties. Interesting initiative !

Styria diskus Duisbourg 2010

It needs no introduction ! Jörg Stendker the famous German breeder introduced as usual a panel discussion of his couples.

Diskuszucht Stendker Duisbourg 2010

Two farmers have sensation with their booth bursting with color ; I have appointed Yi Yang Scriptures and Chang Ya Shan. Impossible to Miss aquariums filled with Leopard and red spotted snake skin ! Some descendants of the edition 2008 were also present at the salon…

Taiwan discus farm trophées Duisbourg 2010

A decorated booth of many trophies will be talking about him a little more tard…

Spotted leopard Taïwan Duisbourg 2010

Some discus presented on the stand

In the vicinity of the fish exposed for the competition was the company. Discus food "that produces fish in China and works with some Malay breeders for the competition.
Udo Thraen just crowned his trophy won in Naples (Napoli acquatica 2010) has proposed the discus of now famous Tony Tan. Bravo to them for their work.

Stand Diskus Food Duisbourg 2010

Udo Thrän Discus Food Duisbourg 2010

Udo with his prize ' Best in show ' got a few days ago in Naples


Very dynamic community organizations

Associative side, This year was very interesting with the presence of a few discussion forums with other, BIDKA (England), Granelenforum (Germany) ; the famous VAT (Netherlands) and my blow of heart young and dynamic team Discus portal (Italy).

BIDKA forum Duisbourg 2010

Paul Butler front of the booth BIDKA

Discus Page Holland offers superb coverage of the event with many photos of the participants fish in the competition. This year, a Facebook page has been created to inform the "members" of the evolution of the updates ; with for example many videos. The vote "online" to permit users to elect at each time their most beautiful fish. A huge provided work to be tribute, Bravo !!!

The members of the forum Discus portal are not passed unnoticed, Black dressed, they have surveyed the show to share their good mood.
Equipped with several computers connected on the web members have been reactive by posting photos of participants ; Winners etc.
Many hosts of quality have been immortalized for the occasion such as Bernd Degen or the famous Jack Wattley.

Discus Portale forum Italie

The excitement on the stand

Among the members was Francesco, a very sympathetic Italian amateur breeder who presented one of its red turquoise discus competition. At the bottom of the stand. Discus portal ", one could admire its superb pigeons blood that I have to you présenter… They swam gracefully flying colors châtoyantes.
Congratulations to portal Discus !

Discus Pigeon Blood  stand Discus Portale

Pigeon Blood stand Discus Portale

The blood of Francesco pigeons…

Team Discus Portale Duisbourg 2010

The portal Discus team of Italy

Later in the article (3second part)…

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