Duisburg 2010 6second part. category open dot and striped


L’une des catégories les plus relevées du championnat.

If the "open full color" category has been his lot of albino ; the second (Open striped/striated) has meanwhile received a number of leopards ring !

This year, they were many more larger than the Grand champion of the year 2008. The subjects of this variety have actually progressed on their size (Notes 19.64 points obtained by the second and third winners). The boss is also changing as the typical leopard ring circles are well represented on the discussion of good size. (Often, circles would "break" to become lines during growth.
Cons by eye color remained very average. Will be the next target breeders leopards ring. Quite a challenge for this variety difficult to select.

discus léopard atouts défauts duisbourg 2010

Positive points, the size, the pattern, the color…still working the color of the eyes.

Pigeon blood d’Andrea Sassi and Antonello Greco came 14th

discus pigeon snake duisbourg 2010  247 pigeon blood open striped cat duisbourg 2010 249

Yet good quality, the pigeon blood discus will have could compete in this category…

discus leopard duisbourg 2010 270

From Leopard to the «» Taiwan Discus Farm"

discus snake skin open cat duisbourg 2010 262

Felix Loh (Singapore) 5nd with this beautiful snakeskin discus

discus leopard duisbourg 2010 264

7nd this leopard ring is also Taiwan (Yi & Goh & Chang)


The world champion is a snakeskin !

Years after years, the number of these snakeskin caused that fall, with the disappearance of the class 2008
It is likely that a 2012, the number of them is growing strongly !
Ricky Lim, Malays a breeder who has good reputation in Asia presented a beautiful snakeskin discus.

With 79.46 points, he panicked counters ! And you can not blame him much.
Impressive size, the majestic well acclimated fish swimming, a splendid patron, excellent proportions, superb form ... We a very nice champion !
I still remember Ricky proudly displaying this fish during the first day. He is not wrong and it could be proud of its protect.

Grand champion snake skin discus ricky lim 283


Discus champion all categories in "form of livestock. Ricky Lim holds the most envied in the world.

Later in the article (7second part).

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