Duisburg 2010 7second part. category turquoise and red spotted united



The turquoises United is.

Over the years, one might think that the blue diamond face losing their appeal to new varieties. There is nothing, on the contrary !
This class keeps the favor of farmers who have offered high quality discus.

All fish were very nice size and many colors of eyes splendides…
Small flat on the color of some participants considered sometimes too light.


discus solid turquoise duisbourg 2010

From the turquoise solid class champion of the farm of Tony Tan

discus blue diamond 115  perte points yeux

A good example of loss of points. The eye is red (5.36 points and the lowest note of the category on this criterion)


In comparison, Watch some topics below.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy the quality category "Solid turquoise"

discus blue diamond danziger duisbourg 2010 106

I am fan of the look of the discus of M.Danziger (Israel)

Unfortunately this year was white for the farmer.

Here the number 106 He arrived in 25th position.

discus turquoise uni duisbourg 2010 102 solid turquoise duisbourg 2010 133 blue diamond duisbourg 2010 117

4th, 14th and 17th places for Tony Tan Malaysia

blue diamond discus duisbourg 2010 112 discus blue diamond duisbourg 2010 118

5th place Taiwan Discus Farm and 7th for IP discus of Tony Tan

Les red spotted snakeskin plus long à s’acclimater ?

My arrival the first day of the competition, I was somewhat disappointed by the fish because large numbers remained at the bottom of their aquariums… But from the second day, the discus of the variety "star" of the competition were more in their comfortable.

You want red points ? You are at the right address !
Red spotted snake variety continuous progress in concerning the pattern and distribution of the red dots on the body of animals.

Of the mouth through the Gill cavity and the pelvic fins ; they are everywhere ! Evidence that breeders focus their efforts to obtain a fish to the perfect boss.
The color of the exposed is always as attractive and brilliant (particularly for the 4 firsts).
Always difficult to obtenir… although red eyes that would bring some near discus of perfection. It is this test that farmers lose points.

discus red spotted duisbourg 2010 focus face 316

Note the superb marking on the face of this discus came 20th in its class.

The form also is working across even if there was no huge defects. Like the Leopard discus, red spotted snake are the most difficult varieties to select.

discus red spotted duisbourg 2010 330 premier cat red spotted duisbourg 2010 330

First category red spotted Taiwan Discus Farm

Fanatik-discus sur Facebook

All photos in original format on the facebook blog page!

discus red spotted snake duisbourg 2010 331 discus red spotted snake duisbourg 2010 331

Second category, Taiwan Discus Farm

discus red spotted snake skin duisbourg 2010 329

Third place… Taiwan Discus Farm !

Here we are at the end of the trip…I hope this issue dedicated to the Championship of the world of Duisburg 2010 You will have success.

For my part, I spent of excellent times to discuss, take photos or videos (Some will be put online soon on the blog.) During this show. I wanted to share this in the hope that it gives you the urge to move one day on a discus competition…

I also wish to thank here my 2 small women accompanying me in my discussophiles escapades. I kiss the very hard!

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It remains for me to wish you all the best with your discus…

See you soon 😉


Yann Hoiret


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