Presentation of Fluval G3 and G6


A revolution in filtration?


Station de présentation des filtres FLUVAL G Hagen

Presentation station

Canadian society Hagen has launched on the market two new filters baptized G3 and G6 ; and expand the brand from FLUVAL.
I invite you to discover these new marvels of technology and design ...

A revolution ?

These filters combine aesthetics with the technical prowess ; aesthetics first because nobody remains insensitive to the views of these. These ladies will fall under the spell and ask you to not hide it under furniture...

A cubic form, an elegant black color, color aluminum to anthracite grey pipes finishes ; Nothing spoil the pleasure of the eyes !


Le filtre FLUVAL G3

The fluval G3 filter

But when is it technique ?

G3 and G6 filters are simply breathtaking in their technicité…

Far from being a gas plant, they offer multiple totally intuitive functions. Control of all functions is very fast ; and are of real interest.

So, This filter has a LCD screen located in the center of the cube you can interact with.
Dashboard tells you for example temperature and the conductivity of the water in your aquarium. Additional information is also available as the flow, or the timing of maintenance of mechanical filters, chemical and biological.

Your filter is configurable to prevent you using flashing alarms. These alarms may or may not occur according to your desire. You can settle a temperature monitoring, conductivity and flow. If these parameters evolve outside programmed settings, the light alarm indicating the nature of the problem is in action.

Furthermore, According to your settings the filter alerts you to perform maintenance of the various masses of filtration (Independent alarms for mechanical filters, chemical and biological)
The functions of this filter will even offer you 3 graphic tables allowing you to appreciate the evolution of three parameters on several days or weeks : the conductivity, flow and temperature.

Présentation des fonctions des filtres FLUVAL G

Presentation of the various functions of filters


Ecran de contrôle des filtres FLUVAL G

Control screen

Measurement of conductivity and temperature.

Note the the masses of filtrations maintenance schedule.

Paramétrage des filtres FLUVAL G

Setting screen


Programmation de l'alarme conductivité filtres FLUVAL GGraphique de températures filtres FLUVAL G

Programming the alarm "conductivity" and graphic temperature

The practical aspect is not spared as you can get with two fingers at the biological and mechanical parts without having to open the filter that contains his biological filters...

Nettoyage de la cartouche préfiltre des filtres FLUVAL GNettoyage de la cartouche charbon des filtres FLUVAL G


Quick access to the filters mechanical and 'chemical '.


You will understand it, This filter and a real novelty in the Aquarium market and opens new perspectives are all very interesting !

Yann Hoiret

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