The wild green discus at Aarni Järvi's place…


Dear readers, It is with great pleasure that I present the aquarium and wild discus Aarni Järvi, a passionate discussion of Finnish. wild discus in the middle of which you will see splendid green discus…

Finnish flag

It is with great pleasure I present you the aquarium and discus Aarni Järvi, a passionate discussion of Finnish.

This "Gossip" is dedicated to her and you will understand in view of the following photos, it deserves two passionate articles ! see the second article

I would like again to thank Aarni for photos that he allow me to publish here and congratulated by the same opportunity for the quality of its fish.

Find some information about its installation over the article !

This information comes from a discussion between passionate English Forum simply discus USA I salute the way for their excellent work.

Shots that you give may be the desire to maintain such fish. I say no more and I leave you now enjoy…

An aquarium ready for wild discus…

In preparation for the discus Aquarium

The aquarium in preparation… You will notice a beautiful presence of plants. Tray Finnish passionate denotes.

Ready to acceullir Aquarium the discus

Finally ready ! All this after waiting a few weeks so that the filtration balance; but also that the plant occupies much space.

The aquarium is nice size, reliable equipment… Aarni Järvi put the odds on his side to succeed in his project.

Acclimation of wild discus

Always full of emotions someday…acclimatization of new residents !

Discus wild Nhamunda blue

Discus Nhamunda blue

Group of wild discus, Heckel and Nhamunda blue
Group of wild discus, Heckel and Nhamunda blue

You will notice the presence of two types of discus: Les discus Heckel (Up) and "blue Nhamunda"

You can see the green discus…

Discus wild green Téfé
Group Symphysodon tarzoo Téfé
Couple de Symphysodon tarzoo Téfé

Discus vert Téfé « red spotted green ». Popular with fans, I invite you to observe the points of presence in the central region of the body.

Discus Nhamunda Blue

Discus Nhamunda Blue

Discus green and blue Nhamunda

Left two discus Téfé and right two blue Nhamunda

Discus Nhamunda blue
Discus Nhamunda blue

 Discus Nhamunda blue

Group of wild discus
Discus green Téfé
Discus wild dot (green Téfé)

The aquarium is 1100 litres with 2.3 m of façade, It is informed of 3 x 150 Watts. Side filtration; Eheim filter 2260 (2400l/h)

Symphysodon tarzoo Téfé dot

Water quality : Conductivity between 60 and 100 micro-Siemens, pH to about 6

Discus green dot Téfé
wild green discus Group

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