Culture of brine with Artemio of JBL


(Eclosoir for brine)

Eclosoir Artemio de JBL

Thehen I have create the category 'Gossip' of the blog Fanatik-discus, the objective was to present the new fresh and relevant world discussophile.
Discovering the last baby of JBL, the question of writing a ticket on the Artemio range did not arise long…

You raise a few litters of FRY?
You offer a few goodies to your fishes of small sizes ?

Athen you know certainly like me the naupli of brine, This small crustacean from of a dehydrated egg which incorporates life once immersed in salt water.
All breeders are a day faced with the problem of the brine. Easy would you tell me ! It is sufficient to prepare a little salt water, to ventilate and place a few grams of cysts (Eggs) of brine to see hatch the famous crustacean.
This small animal is indeed helpful to first discus FRY. Rich in protein, It allows a development of small fish.

Cystes (oeufs) d'artémia

Cysts of dehydrated brine (Magnification x 40)

Nshadow of us have started to tinker and hatchers to brine with 3 ends of pipes and a few bottles of soda. The best do-it-yourself very often share their methods of construction on the net. Fault of material available in-store, do hatch the brine has long remained in the area of the bricolage… Those days are gone !

nauplii d'artémias salina

The Nauplii of brine which have just hatched (Magnification x 40)

En effect, the German mark JBL dynamic addressed the subject to give birth to the Artemio range.
It's a real success in Germany and this should not delay to invade the bathers

Everything has been studied for the comfort of the Aquarium. Quickly installed, the basic kit consists of an air pump, Wall support, a cone of outbreak and the necessary for harvesting (Container and sieve)
Graduated in 0.5 litre cone of outbreak is equipped with a valve at the base ; very practical to harvest the brine without water everywhere. The media can either be fixed to the wall, is placed directly on a piece of furniture.

The big advantage of this product lies in the possibility of extension. If you want to dispose of brine every day to raise FRY, You will then be required to have several cones hatching. (The intervener brine shrimp hatch between 24 and 36 h after culturing depending on the temperature of the water)
JBL has offset this need through a unique process. Cones are sealed and can be connected to each other to retrieve air evacuated by the cone before. This ingenious method presents a certain advantage : Need a large air pump (or more) to run several cones, one is enough.

You will find everything needed to harvest the brine in the mark (various sieve), Salt, the diet of the brine for those who wish to grow.

Artemio de JBL monté en série

Example of culture series

Artemio in video…

BREF of the very good work for the German mark which begins to really in stores through the relevance of its innovations.
May be a small regret regarding the breeding of the brine kit (Artémio kid) which seems under-equipped to grow the brine. But the range is so nice that this is soon forgotten !

bombe entretien silicone EHEIM


Cones are made sealed with an o-ring seal.

Graissez regularly to bomb food silicone

to facilitate opening (Here, the Eheim bomb)

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